How to force the report in English?

May 4 at 12:55 PM

First of all, thanks a lot for the software. It is helping a lot.

Is there any way to force WinAudit language to English?

I'm mostly interrested in using this from the command line but any hint to "fake" the current version is welcome.

Best regards and thanks for your work.

Jun 19 at 3:44 PM
Hi zorglups,

Looks like Codeplex's notifications about new Discussions is broken again. Just seen your message. Anyway, yes you can do that. Please download and try update v3.1.10. The link is on the documentation page, just under the main title. Add /L=en the command line, e.g.

WinAudit.exe /r=g /L=en

Note L is upper case. Any problems let me know, I'll do a manual check off the Discussions pages.