missing network adapters

Running WinAudit on a machine with a replaced network adapter (thus, windows keeping the old configuration for the removed adapter and the new adapter appearing as adapter 2), WinAudit only display...

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Missing open ports in report

When running Winaudit 3.1 as admin on 2012R2 its missing some open ports I have HP OMi agent on the machine and Winaudit is missing all ports open by it I'm attaching print screen

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Is not registering the Microsoft Office 365

I'm using the 3.1 version but is not regestrering in the software the Microsoft Office 365 installed. I there any way to work around?. Thanks.

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Microsoft Click-to-Run Office Programs not Listed

Great software, thanks for writing it and offering it here. When checking Installed Software on computers with Microsoft Office 2013 that was installed via a "Click-to-Run" type of install, the O...

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Missing DNS servers, Default Gateway, Printer

Just downloaded and ran WinAudit v3.1 and noticed that some information was missing. DNS servers No information under the DNS Servers field in any of the network adapters. Confirmed these are pr...

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Not all graphic cards listed and wrong DirectX info

Thanks very much for this nice software. Using this software for some time now I noticed two bugs: When I run WinAudit on a laptop that has 2 x graphic cards the secondary card is not listed. For...

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Incomplete installed software list

First of all thank you for your effort building this software. We noticed that the installed software list is not always complete. For example System Center Endpoint Protection never shows up in ...

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Export to Access error

Hi again, and again thank u for your work. I see an error on exporting data to local access db 'cause of incorrect path selection for shared DLL. A database operation failed. Application: Win...

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Request - permit specifying extension for log file

I find reading logs to be much easier using trace32.exe. On my systems it is associated with the .log extension. WinAudit logs are much easier to read using trace32, and to find errors. The Seve...

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dev version 3.0.29 Operating System name issue

Hello, I noticed that Windows 7 systems are showing up as operating system Microsoft 7 Windows 10 Enterprise 64-Bit. Previously they were Microsoft Windows 7 Enterprise Edition 64-Bit. Windows 1...

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