Upgrade from WinAudit V2.29 to WinAudit V3.011

Nov 12, 2015 at 7:38 AM
I have been using WinAudit 2.29 for many years and have exported data to Microsoft Access 2010 as part of a project. I have now upgraded to WinAudit 3.0.11 but was disappointed to find that the database export available in V2.29 was no longer available. What was called Database Export 2 in the older version has now become Database Export in the newer version. Regrettably I could never get this export version to work although the Database Export in V2.29 worked a treat for me.
Is it possible to run the original version of Database Export in V3.0.11, or can someone explain in simple terms how I can get Database Export 2 (v2.29)/ Database Export (v3.0.11) to transfer data to my Access 2010 Database. I have tried many times and never succeeded.

Many thanks
Nov 12, 2015 at 4:10 PM
Edited Nov 12, 2015 at 4:10 PM
Hi Barry,

I just tested creating an Access database using the old version of WinAudit 2.29. Then using the newer v3.0.11 sent records to the database. It worked fine for me. Do This:
  1. Open your database using Access, verify the tables "Audit_Data", "Audit_Master", "Computer_Master", "Display_Names", "PXS_Col_Atrtributes" exists.
  2. Since v3.0.11 was released, minor updates have been made, download v3.0.25.2 from here: https://winaudit.codeplex.com/documentation
  3. Start WinAudit, on the menu do Help -> Start Logging
  4. File -> Audit
  5. File -> Database Export
  6. In the new window, select "Access" then using the "Browse" button to select your database.
  7. Click the "Export" button
A status message should on the window. Did that work? If not, close the window, then select the "Log" tab. Scroll to the end, there should be error messages. Send me the log (w i n a u d i t @ p a r m a v e x . c o . u k) there is nothing personal in it.